Media Center

Media Center is what a typical family needs as part of their entertainment unit nowadays. We basically utilize your existing equipment and configure it to work as a quite flexible Media Center. We will provide the necessary materials in case you need additional equipment or an upgrade. We will soon provide a guide questionnaire form here on this page to find out if you need additional equipment and if yes what would be the additional cost. In general if your computing equipment is not older than 2-3 years most probably that's all you need and all configuration and setup procedure will cost $120 (labor). We will soon add more material and guidelines into this page about this service. Meanwhile if you have any question please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using contact us form.  We will also compile some video representation about this service - you can have a look at some of the screen shots provided below.

Please read the following essay to find out if you really need one [ most probably you do ] and what could be some of the practical benefits to have one. We have a huge archive that combination of media files and family archive. Each family member has also their own media archive on their computer that in some cases  same material downloaded twice or third unnecessarly as we dont know each others archive. The bottomline is everyone is interested in commonly on our family archive It is not economical to provide an external drive to everyone so they have family archive and yet additional space needed individual media files.  Some wanted to have some files from other member. Having a shared folder on each ones computer is one solution. Even in that case one had to ask another to copy newly downloaded file to their shared folder or ask him or her to copy the file to a flash drive or simple download the file again if you couldn't bother with that. Since everyone continuously download something each and every computer had to have a proper security rather than basic. This is simply waste of waste of resources as in money and computer power.  


Besides, no matter what you do  when a member would like to be able to watch something on their IOS or Android device [ a tablet or a mobile device ] something that exist on their computer a new set of adventure starts, or simply give up.  What if what you want to watch as a whole family is on someone's desktop PC that you cant bring easily next to your big screen LED TV. Then you would simply copy the file to a flash drive and  expect that the file format is supported by the TV. Or you would burn on a DVD if you have a spare blank DVD. OR you could copy the file to someones laptop and get that laptop near to LED and connect it to TV using an HDMI cable. In most cases HDMI connection doesnt need any special configuration, that is, it is not a rocket science, but it is not unlikely not to have sound or picture size is either too large or small with respect to the LED TV. Once you do the settings, it will work, but the thing is laptop will be removed once the movie has been watched. Next time, a similar set of troubles. Not difficult settings for many people, but too much headache before you could start the entertainment every time you would like to have one. Since you were patient enough to read up to here, probably you have had similar issues.


Now we have a unified solution to that. Now imagine a computer system that is dedicated to media center functionality, that not only lets you to watch your media files on your big size LED TV but also broadcasts all your media files to your network so everyone in the house or office no matter what they use ; it could be an android mobile phone or a tablet, could be an iphone or a ipad, an ultra-book or a desktop sitting in one room, or a ps3 in another room connected to another large size TV. You have a large harddrive on your media center computer to accommodate your large archive. Everyone who are authorized previously is able to access the resources using different type of network devices and yet system is not more vulnerable than any other network devices if not more secure. And best of all, this computer system hasnt got to be one of the expensive high end system too. Capability of all these services relies upon proper configuration of the system rather than actual physical processing power of the system. 


We provide these type of systems, cheaper than what you might think of.  Currently we are updating the current configuration of these media centers. There will be 3 main series - TD Media Center Basic, TD Media Center Advanced and Extreme edition.  Specs of these media centers will be announced here once the testing completed for each category. We'll also provide installation of this systems followed by connecting all the devices you need to have them connected to it.  Finally, you may have a spare system not much used and you may wish to dedicate it to a job like that. We may assess your existing system whether it is capable enough to serve as a media center, or if any upgrade is needed to make it a media center as described above. 


You may wish to check list of the minimum system requirements stated below to have an idea whether your old system is capable of doing a job like that. In general if the system is going to be dedicated to be media server then the minimum system requirements are not very high. Alternatively you may wish to use your existing for both media streaming and for day to day use. In which case the better the system specs the better performance for personal use and media streaming simultaneously.  We should also take into consideration that the system should be able to perform according to its original specifications, i.e. well maintained , virus free system. 


 Please contact us with more information about this service by simply using the contact us link.