Network Security

We plan your home & office network in a most reliable and efficiently while configuring all security settings properly to provide best possible result according to your customised situation. 

As it is well known computer networks are available and almost every electronic equipment nowadays network capable that makes even home networks much more complex and heavy even though initial installation is not that complex. The complexity comes into play when providing the necessary security so no one can access your home network to access your private data or watch your house using your ip camera system. We provide a high level security settings configured properly upon completion of initial network installation.


Data collection, planning, installing, configuring, basic training to maintain, documentation for future references.  This service will also include necessary optimisation the network for performance and security that all relevant details are going to be presented in the final service report.

If you already have a working network installation with some problems or you have security concerns about it, we may resolve those issues for $95

Or we may plan from start [ or re-plan an existing one ] and implement the plan for $150. If you also need above mentioned security and performance settings on top of it the total cost would be $225 that includes everything except the equipment. If it is needed we may provide our preferred equipment depending on your need.


If you have further question, please do not hesitate to use contact form to send your queries.