Computer Servicing

This service is for removing  all harmful software 

including computer viruses, trojans, adware, persistent toolbars etc. Installation of missing system software updates and patches, registry cleaning and defragmentation, cleaning and defragmentation of system hard drive. Checking integrity of installed drivers for existing components. System maintenance is applied to the systems currently functional in general. Generally speaking, if a system is not performing in the way it performed in the first day needs a general system maintenance to restore the first day condition and in most cases it is possible. In some cases a currently functional computer system is not responding well to a general maintenance, in which case a complete wipe and re-install could be the next course of action or some components should be repaired or replace - in which case customer is notified of such result to make decision. It is strongly advised to make regular backup of important user generated files and general system maintenance because when the system stops functioning it is not always possible to get back the valuable data. 


Cost of this service is $70. 


NOTE : Please note that only the services mentioned above involved - additional services like Email Recovery, Data Backup or Recovery procedures are not included in this service. Additional charges may apply if any additional service[s] are needed and you will be notified of this before the item is accepted for servicing.