Computer Repair

This service is valid for computer systems that doesn't work / doesn't have major issues

The service [FULL SERVICE] will include the followings on top of repair : 

1- Your desktop or laptop computer system will be physically dusted off inside out. Within the time dusty electronic components accumulates too much heat. The heat can make the system unstable, unresponsive and slow. Moreover life span of the electronic components that works under too much heat (could be due to dust or non-functional fans) reduces the normal life span of the entire system. 

2- System will be tested and the current state of their health status of the computer will be reported. 

3- Computer system will be scanned against viruses, Trojans and various other nasty unwanted software. If found they will be removed from the system. 

4- Unnecessary junk files will be removed from the system and then all hard drive will be defragmented 

5- Registry file will be optimised by removing unnecessary entries that were accumulated within the time then defragmented to achieve optimal system performance. 

6- Windows Operating system and important third party software updates will be checked, if necessary they will be updated or necessary patches will be applied to the system. 

7- System will be completely wiped and reinstalled in case it is decided that this will be the better option. In which case your important data will be backed up first then wipe and re-install will take place, i.e you will not lose any user produced data. Upon completion reinstalling the system, all system updates will be applied to the system. 

8- During the tests if any computer component found to be unstable or faulty customer will be notified with the additional cost [ on top of $90] - if confirmed by the customer that component will be replaced with another one. 

9- Detailed Maintenance report will be provided which may also include some suggestions. 


NOTE : Please note that only the services mentioned above involved - additional services like Email Recovery, Data Backup or Recovery procedures are not included in this service. Additional charges may apply if any additional service[s] are needed or required by the customer. You will be notified of this before the item is accepted for servicing. Any question ? Please use contact form to send