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Today, even the simplest home network is much more complex and heavy loaded as compare to any home or office network of 3 years ago. Almost every electronic device is now networkable to be able to access core features of those devices.

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Computer failures might be caused from software or hardware, sometimes both. In anycase fully qualified technician must attempt to avoid further data loss risk....

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Importance and data backup is revealed by a major data loss, in some cases entire data recovery is possible and in some other cases unfortunately it is not....

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System Upgrades

System upgrades are economical approach in some cases that is consulted with experienced and qualified technician....

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System Sales & Upgrades OVERVIEW:

We have ready to go systems with different specs for different individual needs. They are published in the main page. We can also evaluate your existing system and your needs then suggest on the most economical


way to go i.e either relevant components to be upgraded or brand new system. Some people needs station wagon, some needs utes while others 4WDs. We can't help you to choose your next car, but we definetely can help perfectly fitting Computer System according to your needs.



Upgrades in General

How to decide what to upgrade

This is the new era of choices. As in computer software or hardware there are many choices are available in the market with variable market price. 


It is not always easy to make selection as to what product or set of products would be the best possible suitable choice. In some cases one of the cheapest choice of a specific part or a software might be the best possible choice as in efficiency for a specific customer depending on their situation. We are here to help to the customers to make the best possible selection suited to their situation as we believe one best possible product might not be the best for other. Buying the best does not necesarrily mean pay the most. 

Although some computer system need scenerios can be categorised in to some specific group still everyone's situation is unique in one way which needs to be customised accordingly to make it cheaper, effective and the most economical still.


We help to the customers to decide whether to proceed with the fix if cost justified or upgrade the existing system according to their specific needs or replace the entire system or some parts of the system with a new one. 


Nonetheless you will have the final say but we can and will provide our professional opinion. Regardless of what you will have the best possible cost-performance justified computer system. 


Most computer users pay unnecesarry amount of money for the features that they will never utilise. Some pays as high as possible to make sure their new computer will satisfy their computer needs. Before even they start utilising the system fully it becomes an obsolute product and the same customer is in search of a new computer system with the intention to pay another lot of money for the features that they will never use. We promise to break that cycle.


On the other hand  we are aware of the fact that there are some serious gamers around. Some of the computer users really need high performance for instance they are graphic designers or are the professionals deals with video processing. These are the customers who really need performance. However paying the highest amount doesn't necesarrily assures the best performance. 


Best performance is eliminated by correctly selected computer components that will potentially work harmoniously together provided that each and every parts are correctly configured to get the optimal result out of the entire system. We will not only provide you the best possible configuration of your computer system but will also help to select best possible computer parts in accordance to your budget.

Talk to us, we will help you.