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Today, even the simplest home network is much more complex and heavy loaded as compare to any home or office network of 3 years ago. Almost every electronic device is now networkable to be able to access core features of those devices.

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Computer failures might be caused from software or hardware, sometimes both. In anycase fully qualified technician must attempt to avoid further data loss risk....

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Importance and data backup is revealed by a major data loss, in some cases entire data recovery is possible and in some other cases unfortunately it is not....

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System Upgrades

System upgrades are economical approach in some cases that is consulted with experienced and qualified technician....

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We do all sorts of computer repairs regardless they are hardware or software generated problems. Hardware related issues can be resolved by repairing related component or replace with a new one. 


Other problems could be related to intentional software installations that are misconfigured or unintentional software installations such as harmful software like Trojans, Viruses and other type of malicious software installations. We will attempt to resolve these issues with no user data loss or will try our best with minimal loss depending on the root cause of the problem. 

After the assessment TD technician will get in touch with you to discuss with the better options to go on with the repair if it looks like too expensive repair depending on the current market value of the system. 

Communication method will be specified by the customer that suits him/her the best which could be direct phone call, SMS or Email. Once the system repair is completed - a detailed service report will be produced which will be kept in our systems for future references. 

A copy of a Service Report will be issued to the customer as well. The Service Report will also include relative suggestions in case the problem was caused by improper usage of the system to make sure the same problem will not occur in the future.

Our mission is not only take care of the customers' computers but also update customers knowledge.

SO 100% satisfaction is guaranteed....



Repairs in General

Computer Repair Phases

We do all sorts of computer repairs regardless they are hardware or software generated. Computer problems can be caused by many reasons. Some of the reasons are computer's hardware related and needs technical approach for resolution. 

Other computer system problems are caused by various software installed on the computer. Some of the common software related issues arise from wrong installation, misconfiguration, not using updated version or wrong usage and utilizing a specific software. In some cases that specific software starts functioning incorrectly or stop working at all or the entire system is adversely affected by this software. 

Intentionally installed software can easily be figured out but malicious software installation is not always intentional and not easy to recognize. Then this falls into category of unintentional trojan,malware installations


and causing system to get infected with various computer viruses. These sort of problems has nothing to do with the quality of the hardware used in their computer system but it is highly related to the computer user's behaviour when using their computer system. Basic wrong computer usage habit of users can easily be fixed by giving short informal briefing as to what actually caused their system to fail. Also should be supported with a little bit of detailed information and instructions written on a hand out so that later on user can refer to them when they need to.  

Our attitude when solving computer related problems is not in the way of blaming the customer due to the problem but if the diagnosis indicates that the problem is actually caused by the way the user interaction with the system then without hesitation we are happy to give our professional opinon to the customer to prevent a similar problem with the same root cause. So upon completion of the repair job the our hope is their next computer related problem will not caused by the same wrong user interaction with their system. Education is lifelong and we help & support our customers in that regard.

Unlike many other business practices we do not just fix the problem and expect the customer to come back with a similar problem again in the near future.  Tech Dynamics provides customer support as well as system support


General Hardware Faults

Depending on the results of the diagnosis some hardware replacement could take place. 

We will make the best possible decision on as to what parts to be replacement and whether replacement should be done with an identical part or let the customer know and decide if an economical upgrade of that part is possible and logical. Having unwanted software in your computer not only makes your system unreliable but also it becomes security issue. Today computers used for many processes from online shopping to online banking. 

You might have sensitive information stored on your computer or details of you and your family's as well.  Stollen credit card details and identity theft are not uncommon anymore. Because vast internet ocean it is very difficult to differentiate what to get what to not. 

Some third party innocent looking software that we willingly install on our computers makes our computer vulnerable. 


Software Generated Faults - Viruses, Trojans, Malwares

Software generated issues may arose because of an accidental deletion of system files, installing a third party sofware which is poorly coded or wrong installation method of a software that overwrites an original system files and so on. As a result of that computer might not boot properly, having error messages when a specific software executed, having blue screen errors or sudden shutdown of the computer system, random reboots are all quite annoying that can even causes sensitive user generated data loss. In a similar situations mentioned before it would be possible to fix the problem by fixing the affected system file(s) in return fast turn around time will be achieved.


In other cases computer might be infected with a computer virus or multiple infection instances can happen on a single system. Viruses can cause many system problems like stopping the entire system functioning, some of the important services might be disabled, corrupting system files hence making the system slow-unstable-unresponsive and so on.

Unreliable and unsecure computer system makes the life quite difficult. As Tech Dynamics we will not only help you to get rid of the viruses, trojans and various type of malware you might have on your system but we will also try to help our customers to understand as to why they might have ended up having them on their system.