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Today, even the simplest home network is much more complex and heavy loaded as compare to any home or office network of 3 years ago. Almost every electronic device is now networkable to be able to access core features of those devices.

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Computer failures might be caused from software or hardware, sometimes both. In anycase fully qualified technician must attempt to avoid further data loss risk....

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Importance and data backup is revealed by a major data loss, in some cases entire data recovery is possible and in some other cases unfortunately it is not....

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System Upgrades

System upgrades are economical approach in some cases that is consulted with experienced and qualified technician....

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If we apply our "automobile" analogy in this section, things will turn out to be quite dramatic.  

If the computer hardware is considered to be an Automobile, then the actual data stored on the computer would be human , hence human life travelled in the car. 

In case of an accident (almost) no one would care about the car itself. Your main focus would be whether if anyone in the car got hurt. Unless you use your computer system just for entertainment purposes and you don't care about the music and video archives in your system, no worries. 



However suppose your 3 years old computer is housing for the last 3 years of family archives such as all the pictures and video footages related to births, birthdays, weddings and special occasions like that + all your emails, documents that are related to home and business. 


Your 3 years old computer already lost its 50 % of its value, but your 3 years old son's images and video footages becomes more and more valuable by the time goes by. Now think about if you could afford losing them. This is where Strong Data Backup Plan becomes very important. In absence of backup hardware failure, critical data recovery comes into play where no one can guarantee all the lost files would be able to recovered. On our benches we perform most current recovery technics to get your memories back. 


Security is quite crucial as well as the reliability especially for the business computer systems. Within the years customer database and many business related documents collected will be under risk if there is no data Backup strategy in place. We may help to produce backup strategies suited different business practices.  


Absence of a proper backup plan it is possible to have the need for data recovery. This need might arise depending on several factors caused by either hardware failure, software failure. Although accidental file removals are also in the possibility list the other most common reasons for file deletion could be computer viruses that removes either randomly selected files or specifically targets some certain file types. 


Data Recovery and Backup is also important for home users. Family archives now consists of gigabytes of data including images and videos. In case of losing them it is not possible to go back in time and record those moments again. It is possible to find any possible information on the vast ocean of Internet however it is not possible to find such data files , once they are lost they are gone. So data backup plan is very important. Ask us as to what you might do to protect your data.


In case there is a need for data recovery please stop operating on the affected system asap and bring the system to Tech Dynamics. Because if the system is still functioning that you need data recovery from the more you use the computer the more it will be impossible to recover the lost data.

Please consult with Tech Dynamics as soon as the need arises.     



Recovery After Shock

When you lost your files

Necessity for data recovery is one of the most fearful nightmare that a person could come across. Unfortunately it is not rare. Especially unconditional trust to your computer equipment (no matter how expensive and high end it is) is risky. Nothing should stop you to have a backup plan. Because the possibility for the need for data recovery is almost the same with an entry level cheap another computer system. Please take into consideration that sometimes even backup plan might fail.

In case of you come across with an event that you need for data recovery please stop whatever you are doing on the affected system and directly bring your computer to Tech Dynamics. In some cases it is possible to recover almost 100% of the lost data. Success rate is highly dependent on when you realised you lost the data and how much the computer was used till data recovery took place. So it is very crucial to stop working on the computer system that needs to data recovery from.

We might also help you to produce a data recovery plan suited to your situation. Please consult us to see as to how we could assist you.