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Today, even the simplest home network is much more complex and heavy loaded as compare to any home or office network of 3 years ago. Almost every electronic device is now networkable to be able to access core features of those devices.

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Computer failures might be caused from software or hardware, sometimes both. In anycase fully qualified technician must attempt to avoid further data loss risk....

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Importance and data backup is revealed by a major data loss, in some cases entire data recovery is possible and in some other cases unfortunately it is not....

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System Upgrades

System upgrades are economical approach in some cases that is consulted with experienced and qualified technician....

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Today, even the simplest home network is much more complex and heavy loaded as compare to any home or office network of 3 years ago. Almost every electronic device is now networkable to be able to access core features of those devices. Many different type of devices are connected wired or wirelessly  causes performance and security issues if they are not configured properly. Manufacturers and third party companies spend a lot of effort to make the installation process easy for the end user. 



Therefore in some cases basic computer understanding is good enough to make a home network to work with minimal hassle.

This is because the initial configuration is so basic and hence quite generic so that it will work after a few initial steps. Security and performance configuration is more high level that basic computer understanding is not sufficient to be able to perform such tasks. Initial easy setup could be good enough to provide network and internet connectivity but a lot of problems arises when more network devices like mobiles, media centers, laptops, netbooks joins the same network. 


For instance, internet connectivity becomes unavailable for the others when a family member starts watching a HD movie using media center. Plus since the hardcore security settings are not done by the manufacturers the computers in the network relies only installed internet security and awareness of the users. On the other hand there are many kids and teens who thinks internet is playing free flash games and facebook and its [sometimes dangerous] apps. Furthermore installed internet security might not be sufficient to stop curious computer nerd living in the next door to access your personal files on your computer. Bad thing, you wouldn't even realise someone is browsing into your private folder with some images you dont even share with your closest friend or documents with your bank account details. Interesting enough this curious teen could be the one living at the next door, next street, other side of the country or in somewhere the other hemisphere. You'll either never know or eventually find out that some of the images has been used on some websites that you wouldn't wish to know about it up until you were black mailed. But the good news is you would be luckier about your stolen bank account details as you will be freaked out soon after  you see your bank statement. If this fragile situation is not clear still let's have a look at our "car" analogy again. When you park your car somewhere else (or even just on your drive way) you would have definitely checked if all windows are closed properly then make sure all cars are locked and even activate your alarm system if you have one. All for what? To make sure no one access into your car of course. But this doesn't stop any desperate aggressive thieve to smash one of the window to get into your car does it? There is no %100 security. All you can do, do the basics, be aware of the risks. If you leave the car unlocked and some valuables on the dashboard, even the silliest thief head would like to try his chance. 


We just try to decrease to chance of car or something from car to be stolen. 

Obviously 40% chance is much lower then 90%. We as Tech Dynamics can help you to improve your home and office network's security to a degree that even your computers user name and password plus your wireless network access code is given to someone he/she wont be able to access your network unless they are physically sitting in front of one of your computer in the office.



Networking & Internet

Networking is quite essential for even a home with more than one networkable devices. Networkable devices can be desktop and laptop computers, game consoles ( PS3, Xbox, Nintento ), mobile phones, printers, bluray players, media players, backup units, tablet PCs, entertainment units and even now TV units. To be able to enjoy full functionality of these type of devices they need internet connection or to be able to communicate with each other. The environment that provides these devices to share an existing internet connection and communication method with each other can be called as a Networking Environment. A device that has the capability of joining to an existing network can be called as a Networkable Device.


Networking can be done in many ways. Wired, wireless or combination of those two. Depending on the situation and the capability of the networkable devices used some part of the network can be designed to be networking using wires and others wireless.  



Some practical examples of network usage:

Suppose you have the following devices in your home or working environment ; 2 Laptops 3 Desktops, 2 Printers, 4 Iphones, 2 Smart Phones, 1 Ipad, 2 LCD TV units one of which is networkable (can connect to Internet), 1 Bluray Player (networkable), 1 media player, 1 IPTV, 1 Apple TV box and finally 1 VOIP device for Voice over IP Telephony. 

Now, a house or a work place is not far from having devices listed above. Even some cases they have all of the above and more at once. The idea is all the devices listed above are devices with networking capabilities (networkable devices) and to be able to enjoy or utilise their full functionality they need to be networked.  

If we say, today's electronic devices are much more complex and much more capable from yesterday's ones. This statement is true. 

Another one; Eventhough electronic devices are much more complex and capable than their ancestors the user interface of the devices are designed in a way that makes it easy to set them up and configure them. Now this statement can be right or wrong depending on the situation.

In the near past we used to have almost same type of devices on the network and just a few of them in the houses. But now we sometimes have all of them at once even more of those. 

If you have some basic technical knowledge and you like reading manuals, it is possible for you to make all devices work altogether. But the following statement will not be as optimistic as previous one. But will they work tomorow too in the way they supposed to work? How about the efficiency of the network when all those devices connected to the same network. Your child is watching youtube using his iphone, other one is downloading a movie in her laptop in the other room and you are trying to browse in the Internet and trying to print a document from your network printer. As this wasnt enough somebody is watching IPTV while the other one is trying to make a VOIP call.  Are you sure every single devices will still work perfectly well?


And how about your security when you dont even know what websites are visited by your curious teenager son. Are you sure one of the computer system is not infected with a computer network viruses and busy trying to compromise all your network? How about your curious nerdy neighbour to whom you said HI only one time that was 8 months ago. Now he is 

very curious about you and trying to get into your network to extract as much as he can. Are you sure he will not make it? How about  nasty computer network worms and germs running from one computer to another expecting something to happen so that they can proceed with their nasty agenda? Are you sure your computer doesnt have a trojan that is waiting for you to make an online transaction so that it can capture your sensitive information to send to someone somewhere you dont even know about.? Are you sure your precious $600 printer will print your document over the network when you are rushing to print a single page document so you can run to a meeting?


We can help to design your network in most efficient and most possible secure way


Family Safety & Parental Control for Children's Computer and Internet Usage : 

We also provide necessary software and configuration so that your kids under 18 can be parental controlled. 


This will help you to protect your kids to be exposed unwanted content as well as you will be able to decide daily usage in terms of hours. You can even control how many hours or minutes of their allowed computer usage will have internet connection ( you can think of facebook or msn usage). 

Internet can be a dangerous place for young kids. We should protect them. We can provide necessary reliable software that never fails, and we will make initial configuration according to your situation so the problem will be solved once and for all.